Want to know the five most powerful words….?

Well done if you’ve make the commitment to start on your journey of financial literacy journey towards financial freedom.

One of the first things you have to do is your self-audit – to check where you are now, financially.  This will help you plan where you want to get to and how you intend to get there.

If you recently attended one of the nationwide “Access the Power…for your Finances” sessions then you will have been told the five most powerful words you will need to use as you start to collate your spending habits….

‘Yes, I  want the receipt!’

As you hurry through the day, rushing to get that morning paper or mid-morning  snack, or quickly pop out to get the lunchtime sandwich or meal, or the take-away dinner as the faithful replacement for a home meal (it’s been one of those days!) money slips through our fingers almost without noticing.

If you aren’t keeping the Spending Plan Journal then keeping your receipts for each day is one of the ways you can quickly add up and categorise your incidental spending for that day.  Once that is done, unless the receipt is for a big ticket item or part of the warranty information its fine to discard it.

The successful and financial free have a good command of their spending and the sources for their regular income.  We usually have a handle on the latter, this is a quick and simple way to get to grips with the former!

Onwards and upwards, people… and remember ‘yes, I will have the receipt!’

Below are other articles you may find helpful…. and remember we don’t say ‘budget’ we say ‘My Spending Plan!’


One-Day Session @ Hanwell SDA – Proverbs 31

On 10 November 2013 a group of over 80 women completed their first P31 session  – looking at these areas as well as understanding their own wealth life cycle.

Proverbs 31 gives really good tips for women when it comes to their personal impact, family relationships, community involvement and of course… business.

Some of the common questions about understanding or taking care of your own finances came up, as did the question about making good investment decisions.

However, the most enjoyable part of the session was the realisation that you first get a good understanding of your immediate income and spending habits and use that to build for your financial future.

As a starter we’ll see the practical next steps as many of these women sign on as supporters and future members of the national credit union 3 Angels Credit Union http://www.3angelscu.org

Onwards and upwards!