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Sorority Membership Entry Criteria (P31 Sorority)

Image Pi Tau Omicron Sorority held its first end of year event on Saturday evening, 14 December 2013 at the fabulous Malmaison Hotel in London and chose as the 2014 vision: ‘Value in Myself, Value in Service’.

With guest speakers from healthcare, investment banking and global professional financial services firms the evening was as stimulating as it was enjoyable.

For more information see the Sorority Info page here


3 signs you’re heading for a financial meltdown: Part 1

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As we come to the close of another year, and the world gets into the swing of end of year celebrations, it’s time to reflect on what’s facing your finances as we head towards 2014.

It’s clear that we will need to continue to need to balance the challenge of efficiently managing your day to day finances with the same or better effectiveness and also have an external focus on helping to create the wealth and savings you and your loved ones need to prosper.

If you were born in the 60’s or 70’s a recent study indicates that, unless you are due to get an inheritance, you will probably be ‘poorer’ than your parent’s generation because the cost of living is going up faster than salaries and other income.

Affordable and sensible finance plans must therefore be your new reality. If you are going to have any chance of re-balancing your books, plans to adjust by becoming more proactive with your financial plans and ‘doing more with less’ (or ‘doing less for less’) – is the only way to get fit for the financial future.  It will also mean you start to focus on how to achieve what you need and start to get what you want along your wealth cycle journey.

At the latest P31 Sorority meeting, members discussed and shared  the three main issues women (and men) often fail to deal with to make sure they can avoid the road to financial meltdown:

  • You don’t Set a Priority – insufficient attention is often paid to deciding in an objective and critical way what you really should be in the business of doing – your purpose.  When you fail to do this, you risk gathering a legacy of activities that are not relevant to your current needs or where you want to go in life.
  • You don’t measure and celebrate your Progress – unlike in  work or diets, often we do not set out progress measures in a well developed way.  This leads to focussing on vey high level outcomes than can often look daunting and unachievable. Rather, pick a few specific areas that show an understanding of what financial activity or objectives you are trying to achieve, and that will function as your programme of how you will do it.  Commit to regular and objective review of your progress and ask for help if needed.  Joining a group of likeminded people like the P31 Sorority can boost your success rate.
  • You don’t align your financial goals to the rest of your life goals  – regardless of your financial status at the moment, your  capacity to connect your financial strategy and execute it is often limited if it is not matched to the other goals you have in life.  This mis-match creates a a confused approach to your money, or worse,  you tend to have high aversion to risk,  a reluctance to drive forward any wide-ranging changes you may need in your life, and risk a life of unmet expectations in your  financial and personal relationships as well as in service to your local community.

As noted in earlier blogs, everyone, but women in particular, have an important role to play in creating a foundation of good money management through using the simple skills and practical tips from life –  this is as much a  priority for your business or employed life as it is for your personal goals and relationships.

All of this also needs to be achieved while improving your quality of life and living standards.

This can sometimes means taking a hard look at the relationships that hold you back and cost you in terms of time and effort as well as money… and then tackling them.

We’ll look at how to handle these impossible people in the final part of this blog later this month.  But whilst you are waiting why not add a comment or thought that has struck you when you read this blog – comments are always most welcomed and thanks for following this blog

Until later then, onwards and upwards!

Handling Your Money: Are You Really Walking the Talk?


Over the last few months we’ve offered an independent survey for church members to volunteer and respond to five simple questions.  These questions ask how aware you are about your current financial status and circumstances.

The results (above) make for interesting reading…..

Over half of the people who took part in the survey so far say then have a pretty good handle on their finances.  That’s great!

However, in the sessions and discussions that followed, many admitted to struggling with making the next step ie to ‘access the power’ through effective planning so that they can achieve their financial goals.  That’s the real challenge…

Attend one of the FREE Access the Power (ATP)  “SMARTER Finance” Seminars – These lay-member led, bible-based seminars are held in local churches as part of the Financial Stewardship for members. These seminars  support church groups and have been annually since 2004.  Most seminars are run from April – December.  The first quarter of the year is used for workshops and practical support sessions for members new to the programmes.

If your church has never participated or held one of these sessions, show this blog to your Stewardship Co-ordinator and ask him/ her to arrange a session for your church group within your Stewardship Day programme this year.

“SMARTER Finance”  sessions are open to all participating church members in any Seventh-day Adventist church group in the UK.  A number of local church groups in England already this session for basic financial literacy as a Stewardship Day whilst others use the weekend workshops or one-day seminar services for both the church and local community outreach.

For more information or to arrange a programme at your local church click here – (this will take you to the feedback form on this blog)


The book of Proverbs is a fantastic way for you to start gaining some of the basic understanding of how successful people approach managing credit, business, wealth and finances. One chapter a day and you have covered the whole book in a month!  It’s never too late to start now.

For ladies in the UK, see our blogs on Proverbs 31 for secrets on successful living , business and financial success.  And see the Sorority created just for you, by women just like you PI TAU OMICRON (Π Τ Ο).

For ΠΤΟ sisterhood eligibility criteria click here.

We’ll continue to update and share the overall survey results right here in this blog.

In the meantime, why not share your own tips on your experiences in moving your financial goals forward.

Onwards and upwards!