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Beyond Black Friday: 5 tips for staying in the black…

“Definitions of Black Friday

1. On 24 September 1869, US financial markets crashed following a failed attempt by traders to corner the gold market. This led to a depression.

2. In a more general sense, is used to represent a Friday in which a public disaster or calamity occurs.

3. More recently, the term Black Friday has been used by retailers in the United States (and is growing in usage by retailers in the UK as well) as a positive. It represents the starting day for End of Year and Christmas shopping. This is usually after the Thanksgiving Holiday season in the United States in which retailers make enough sales to forecast that their annual results and profits are positive ie in “the black.”

Corporate Finance Consultant, DHUA Ltd

Planning and shopping for festive season does not mean you need to go into the red..

Planning and shopping for festive season does not mean you need to go into the red..

Isn’t it interesting to see how the term Black Friday has been turned from a negative to a positive?

In the United States it has long been used as encouragement for retailers who see their huge sales as customers stock up on gifts, food and other entertainment ahead of the End of Year and Christmas holiday season.

We tend to ask: ‘Well, if the retailers are ‘in the black’ then customers help them get there by running around getting more at risk of going ‘into the red’ by over spending, maxing out the credit cards or buying masses of stuff on Storecards?

Remember, the turkey is just for Christmas, that store/credit card bill and loans will all last a lot longer and cost a lot more.

Some tips for enjoying the festive season without giving your financial spending plans indigestion:

  1. Why not wait until after the festive season to pick up bargains in the New Year Sales
  2. Only buy what you need, not what you want (or everything you see), for the festivities
  3. More and more people are trying their hands at hand-crafted gifts.  If you have a talent and passion for this, why not start now and create unique gifts instead of mass produced, shop-bought items?
  4. Bulk purchase retailers can offer bargains – buying in bulk with other shoppers in your family/ friendship circles can really cut down the cost of individual items
  5. Discount stores offer great purchases at great prices and are always worth a look

Whatever you choose to do keep your head around all this Black Friday buzz and plan for a wonderful festive season!

Onwards and upwards


Want to know the five most powerful words….?

Well done if you’ve make the commitment to start on your journey of financial literacy journey towards financial freedom.

One of the first things you have to do is your self-audit – to check where you are now, financially.  This will help you plan where you want to get to and how you intend to get there.

If you recently attended one of the nationwide “Access the Power…for your Finances” sessions then you will have been told the five most powerful words you will need to use as you start to collate your spending habits….

‘Yes, I  want the receipt!’

As you hurry through the day, rushing to get that morning paper or mid-morning  snack, or quickly pop out to get the lunchtime sandwich or meal, or the take-away dinner as the faithful replacement for a home meal (it’s been one of those days!) money slips through our fingers almost without noticing.

If you aren’t keeping the Spending Plan Journal then keeping your receipts for each day is one of the ways you can quickly add up and categorise your incidental spending for that day.  Once that is done, unless the receipt is for a big ticket item or part of the warranty information its fine to discard it.

The successful and financial free have a good command of their spending and the sources for their regular income.  We usually have a handle on the latter, this is a quick and simple way to get to grips with the former!

Onwards and upwards, people… and remember ‘yes, I will have the receipt!’

Below are other articles you may find helpful…. and remember we don’t say ‘budget’ we say ‘My Spending Plan!’

Access The Power @…Chiswick SDA Enhance the Family Weekend July 2013

Over 20 couples and singles attended the session looking at their wealth life cycle and ways to look at finances as a family.

It is always interesting to see how couples instinctively make their choice for life partner based on almost opposite attractions.

And it works!

The more scatty, multi-tasking and risk-seeking temper their weaknesses by drawing on the more cautious, even handed and risk-neutral or risk averse aspects of their other half.

Even more people signed up to and pledging to the 3 Angels Credit Union – the national resource and financial service for church members

A really enjoyable day – with follow up in around six month’s time!

Onward and upwards


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