“SMARTER Finances” Spring Seminar at Milton Keynes (Bletchley) SDA Church

The 2014 series of “SMARTER Finances” seminars continues with the one-day Stewardship Youth programme at Bletchley church.  Attended by over 40 youth and adults, the morning session covered the basics, drawing on the bible-based principles.

The afternoon was a fun interactive session looking at personal and church financial goals and the best ways to achieve them.

The results of the straw poll (sample 20 members) above has been added to the total responses so far.  To see the results as at March 2014 click here.

Get support for you and your church on your financial journey!

About the FREE  “SMARTER Finance” Seminars – These are  bible-based seminars and are delivered in your local church. As part of the Stewardship of our knowledge, member’s have supported other church groups by running these seminars annually since 2004.

Start-up a locla MONEYCLUB a training and learning  workshops and practical support sessions for members. From June to December run these as weekend, or one-day church based seminars.

A number of local church groups in England already use these sessions for basic financial literacy in a Stewardship Day programme whilst others use the weekend workshops or one-day seminar services for both the church and local community outreach.

If your church has never participated or held one of these sessions, ask your Treasurer and your Stewardship Co-ordinator to arrange a session this year.


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