Exposed! The ‘Secret Millionaires’ amongst us


Did you know that during 2014 there are secret millionaires steadily building up their wealth through the national MoneyClub community?

The local church MoneyClubs are financial stewardship communities set up and operated for the benefit of local church members.

Each month, the MoneyClub holds seminars and training to help members build their savings.  Most of the members are also signed up to the ‘Save over £1,000 in one year’ challenge.

With over 1,000 local members participating, that will amount to over £1,000,000 saved in 2014 alone.

How do you think these MoneyClubs can help the local communities during this year?

If you are a member and regular attendee of any Seventh-day Adventist church  within the UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and you would like to get more information about setting up or joining your local  MoneyClub let us know by posting a comment below.

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