You couldn’t make this up…!

“Give a man a fish, and you have fed him once. Teach him how to fish and HE IS FED for a lifetime.”

Guest blogger takes a look back at the 2014 SEC Expo SMARTER Finances session

“I need £600….”

Delegate: I need £600…
Presenter: OK…  What’s the money for?
Delegate: It’s for my to use for my church department. I want to go to a conference in Geneva this year and need this amount..
Presenter: Have you asked for a grant from your church or from the SEC Department that helps local church activities? 
Delegate: No, not at all.  I know all that but I’ve not done it, it’s such work!
 Presenter: Do you want me to help you find ways of raising the money?
Delegate: No,   I was in your session and just thought that since you know about money you must have some going spare  – so you should give me  – so I’m asking can you give me the £600…

…Banks may have branches… but money doesn’t grow on trees!

What would YOU do?


2 responses to “You couldn’t make this up…!

  1. First of all, is the presenter a philanthropist? If they are, there has to be a reason behind going to the Geneva convention (the one I know about is the Geneva Auto Car Show).

    The person should have used the available channels first before trying the presenter.

    £600 is not a lot but it is rather a pain to give someone this amount. But I would have given it in order to see and EXPERIENCE the benefit of the convention they attended.

    • I’m not sure that it’s the amount that is the issue; rather it is the worrying attitude that it is easier to just ask for money rather than ask and try ways to make the money. It’s a bit like giving the fish – one meal – rather than wanting to be taught how to fish and get for yourself.

      I think it is great to want to help people who ask, maybe there is a longer lasting way to do this

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