We’ll each save £1,000 in one year: updates!


You may have seen the blog about an easy way to save £1,000 in one year….

So, here’s how some of us are getting on:

HoneyBea – Only £6 so far – but it has been weekly: I’m using an account to do the deposits using an app on my mobile phone each Friday… but I forgot this week! I’m going to start a Standing Order, that way it will just happen and I don’t have to think about it from now on…

Copperz – £125  : I decided to do it in large lumps every month.  I’ll probably save  £100 each month until November – this money is going to be presents for the family and a holiday next year.

Kate – £40 so far: I’m retired but I want to do this challenge and so I’m saving £20 each week

Anonymous Pete – I think this savings method is fundamentally flawed and should be adjusted….

Anonymous 1 – Save?? I need some money! Is there any way you could give me £600??

Who’s response do you think is the best/ the worst? Why?  Please share your comments.  

The best comment gets a free gift*!

*Free gift is only available to persons over age 18. Must be living in the UK. Must be a member of an SDA church within the British Union Conference. Gift is not transferable.


One response to “We’ll each save £1,000 in one year: updates!

  1. great post! I love it! Cheers to the new beginning!

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