Your Seven Day Plan to Achieve that New Year’s Resolution (Day 1)

Happy New Year!
As all the party hats and streamers are all swept away, holidays  come to an end as it’s time to get back to work.

January –  that time of year when we set goals and hope these will improve our lives in the year to come.

The most common resolutions tend to focus on losing weight/ health or financial goals.  But studies show that only 8% of the population actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions! What’s needed is a new skillset to learn how to be part of the successful group.

Whatever your plans, having a simple and practical roadmap makes achieving your goals that much easier.  So, every day, for the next 7 days, we’ll share one simple tip that will help you progress your financial goals for 2014.

Here are the tips in Day 1 that will help  boost 2014 as an even better year for you financially.  Here we go!

 First off – make sure you can honestly answer ‘YES’ to these three questions:


Question 1: Are you sure you understand or have at your disposal the tools to gather all the facts, personal drivers and core values to get the end result you want?

Question 2: Are you aware of and committed to using all of the elements that must be applied for you to be effective in reaching your financial?

Question 3 – Is everyone – yes, EVERYONE – that will benefit or be affected by your financial goals just as committed as you to making the changes or decisions you need to make?  Do they understand that any new plans are congruent with your personal development.  Are they aware that this is congruent with your other plans and that these will actually improve and will not disrupt your current systems?

Tip 1: Make a goals to Improve (or Develop!)  Your Spending Plan

A Spending Plan is the most powerful tool to help you developing the new you in 2014.

If you have always thought of a “budget,”  or “budgeting” that is a very limiting mindset.  A budget feels like a calorie controlled diet, or a food fast – rather restrictive and usually, not much fun.

It really does help if you think of how you use your money as part of a Spending Plan instead.

You’ll gain a better idea of where you’re money goes and how much you have available to you for the necessities, activities and  financial goals you want to achieve.

The Access the Power Team does seminars and workshops in local churches throughout the year, with the first three months being the busiest.

Church members and local community friends meet and learn the practical tools and skills for personal financial planning and financial wealth.

Your Spending Plan will give you a clear idea and tools to be more effective in the way you plan for expenses like utilities, food, hobbies and entertainment, travel education, and is the first step towards achieving financial freedom.


2 responses to “Your Seven Day Plan to Achieve that New Year’s Resolution (Day 1)

  1. Wish me luck, kicking off the ole’ resolution:)

  2. Giuseppina Breitenstein

    Wish me luck, kicking off the ole’ resolution:)

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