3 signs you’re heading for a financial meltdown (and how to avoid it): Part 2

In Part 1, posted earlier, we noted that everybody, especially women, has an important role to play in creating a foundation of good money management through using the simple skills and practical tips from life –  this is as much a  priority in your business or at your work.

This can sometimes means taking a hard look at the relationships that hold you back and cost you in terms of time and effort as well as money… and then tackling them. Thinking about who you usually interact with and share your plans with, here are 3 more signs that you are heading for a financial meltdown

1. You continue to keep company with the same people who make you lose focus and stifle your energy: Most people know someone who seems to pour cold water on every plan and financial goal you have; being around them makes the environment toxic and impossible.

2. You try to get them to see why achieving your financial goals is important to you, but it is impossible to get them to understand Pointing out that these people are detracting from your progress won’t get you anywhere,  — odds are, they don’t even see a problem and actually think they are experts at helping you.

3.No matter what you suggest, they know better and tell you that you are foolish not to follow their advice: They may either suggest lots of ideas or actively discourage your saving or spending plans, egging you on towards your financial meltdown.  Then when you fail to achieve your goal, they quickly turn round and say smugly “Didn’t I tell you that you wouldn’t reach your goal?!”

Let’s look at how to handle detractors and impossible people in the final part of this blog. How you choose to react to these people will determine your success in achieving your financial goals.

Here are 5 tips to help  navigate and overcome interactions with  these sorts of friends, co-workers or relatives so that you keep focussed on your financial goals.

1. Acknowledge that these people exist, and accept that dealing with them will be difficult. When detractors come into your life, their first step is to try to control your choices.  So your first step is to face reality: if you think you might be dealing with an impossible person who detracts from your financial dreams, you’re probably right.

Acknowledging this will make sure you have the best approach to handling the negativity that they will throw in your direction.

2. Do not feel you need to defend your financial plans:  You have shown them your ideas and financial plans but they think you should do something different and then get angry when you do not change your plans to match their ideas.

In their minds, you are doing it all wrong and nothing you can say is going to make them understand that you actually know what financial goals will work best for you. Relax, and don’t feel that you need to justify or defend your savings and spending plans.  Keep on top of your Spending Plan Journal and ignore the negative comments.

3. Do not let them convince you to allow your short term financial goals to slip: Detractors will often badger you or say things like “you should take things easy… don’t plan too far ahead, you never know what will happen” and will go on and on until they get on your very last nerve.

Keep focussed and calm, especially if you are in a relationship with this person.  Your financial goals may be challenging some of the short term fun and spending they usually enjoy and they will want to do anything they can to return things to the way they were.  Keep focus and achieve your daily, weekly and monthly activities towards your financial goal.

4. Do not get emotional, keep a positive attitude to help maintain your self-esteem. If you have regular dealings with someone who always pours cold water on your financial goals and is dismissive of your plans to be financial free when you share them with friends or family, always be proactive and keep positive thoughts in mind to maintain positive self esteem.

Remind yourself that this person’s opinion is not necessarily right or accurate. and dismiss them. It is not their opinions that count towards your success, it is your constant regular actions towards your goals that will confirm and prove the truth of your financial plans.

5. Consider ‘parting ways’ with friends or family that are negative towards you achieving your financial goals:. At some point you may need to put either some physical space or some ‘head’ space between you and negative people. Whether they are a friend, a family member, a parent, the time to make that break will eventually manifest.

Maintaining your goals whilst battling in a relationship where an impossible person is doing everything to thwart your success is and uphill battle.  Keeping focus on achieving your success is hard enough without running a gauntlet of negativity.  Move away, and stay away from these so called ‘friends’ and ‘well wishers’.

Do you have a story about how you have dealt with someone who was negative about your financial goals?  Please share by writing adding your comments or sharing the thoughts that struck you as you read this blog – comments are always most welcomed and thanks for following!

Onwards and upwards!


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