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Monthly News from 3angelscu team HELLO TO YOU!


As the winter nights close in earlier and earlier we think about how quickly a year comes to close and the huge amount of work already done to bring this credit union closer to existence.

We have doubled the number of pledges received over the last month!

Well done to all of you who have continued to tell your friends and family about this good news and to sign up pledges as members once the credit union starts to operate
But we still need you to tell your fellow church friends and family about the benefits of the credit union and also to ask them to pledge in support as well.
If you have not yet shown the website to your family and asked them to also make a pledge online, please make that your target this month.  It would be great if all our current pledges also get another two people to sign up online  – we want the number of pledges to continue to grow as we prepare for launching this national credit union. This week and over the coming months, why not make a commitment to show at least five other people our great website – you can see the website – just click here to go to

You can also view the free inspirational PODCAST videos that have been made specifically for you –click here to see the latest videos  
Why not also sign up to receive the podcasts as soon as they are available.  You can do that on the Podcast page -just click the ‘Subscribe’ button


We send out congratulations to the new NEC President, Pastor Lorance Johnson, and the new Stewardship Director, Pastor Curtis Murphy.  3 Angels will continue to contact and share the updates from our communications with these two new members of the executive team as well as with the returning treasurer, Elder Rejoice Kampengele.  Watch this space for updates!


If you have any questions or need more information about any of the information you receive from e Angels please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below

God Bless you today and every day

Have a blessed next week! From the 3 Angels Credit Union Study Group

Together we bring into evidence what others may think of as impossible…